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Recs: recently written IC fics

Originally posted by katerinasummer at Recs: recently written IC fics
Hey guys!

I'm a big fan of good old QaF classics and I haven't read any QaF fics in a long time but maybe I'm missing out on something. So I was wondering if you could rec me some really good in-character stories written in the last 2 years?
Genre/wordcount doesn't matter :)
Thank you in advance!

UPDATE: There are some suggestions in the comments. I wouldn't mind some more, though.
P.S. I've also found a similar request right here with lots of great recs.
P.P.S. I'd like to share my own recommendation which is The Love Song of Brian A. Kinney by ipoiledi. I've never read anything written by this author before, but was pleasantly surprised.
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